Lori Gibson, M.A.


Continuing Education Credits For Educators In The Seattle And Spokane Areas
Jacquie Johansson, M.A.

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When you take one of Lori and Jacquie's popular workshops, . . .

. . . you get to meet dozens of other educators as you learn the latest research and pratical methods on a variety of education topics. Ask around. You probably have colleagues who have taken one of their workshops in the past and loved it.

Lori and Jacquie bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and work hard to make their workshops as informative, practical, and fun as they can.

"I always get as many continuing education credits as I can from Lori and Jacquie."

-- Colleen Combs (Counselor, Spokane Schools)
I want to thank you for the excellent class. It was precisely what I was looking for.
I can make a difference in a small way and help to pave the way for the continued success of the challenging students I face each year.

-- Linda, 3rd grade
I have taught for 25 years ...

I appreciate your candor, your openness and honesty. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us.

You left me with so much to think about, a better perspective to face the new school year with, and feeling more empowered with new knowledge.

-- Jan, 1st grade

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